Yet Another Case of Propaganda Driven and Sub-standard Journalism by Far-Leftist Magazine ‘The Caravan’

Chhatrashakti Desk

CARVAN’s article dated 14th March 2023 on the JNU incident, which happened on the evening of 19th February (in which leftist/naxalite students vandalised the portrait of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj), is sheer one sided propaganda to normalize divisive leftist narrative, which also furthers MK Stalin’s political agenda against the unity and integrity of Bharat. In the journalistic jargon, this kind of articles are ‘mouth-piece’ articles of the Urban-Naxal cabal. In this article, the alleged “reporters” presented only one side’s narrative as the ‘truth’, which dilutes the very basic ethics of journalism. The writers of the articles – Mr. ABHAY REGI and Mr. SHAHID TANTRAY have made totally erroneous and fact-less allegations without an iota of evidence or shame (we must say!), which is against the very spirit of journalism. The whole article seems to be have been written with a vicious and anti-Bharat far-leftist agenda to create a tussle between students in JNU hailing from Tamil Nadu and other states of Bharat. This is not the first time. The same “journalists” have published this kind of one sided, fact-less and divisive articles to normalize urban naxalite narratives in the same magazine, in the past also.

ABVP condemns this kind of unethical practice of utterly biased journalism which is against the principles of National Integrity and the notion of Fraternity enshrined in the Constitution of India. Also ABVP JNU moots a query to know the stance of these far-left leaning “journalists” of their position on the vindictive paintings by the Left targeting two Hindu communities in JNU. Being selective to pick agenda suiting vested interest, this article published by The Caravan is an epitome of biased journalism, and tries to cause hatred between students in JNU. ABVP has provided all the strong evidences and information against the left’s evil deeds regarding the incident in an earlier press release and the subsequent press conference, publically available. The leftist goons of JNU have failed to provide any evidence in the support of their claims. They crafted a false story which clearly reeks of propaganda, to diffuse peace and fraternity of the JNU academic campus and its student community. But thankfully, this is not a Communist country, and we won’t be sent to gulags if we speak the truth by challenging their narrative.

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ABVP JNU unit President Umesh Ajmeera, who is a tribal student from Telangana and whose father was brutally killed by naxals, said, “the article is totally a biased mouthpiece writing, which is clearly written with an intension to create a Tamil Nadu vs other states’ divide, to ruin the amicable environment of educational campuses. The Caravan magazine reporters didn’t even reach out to us to listen to our side of the story and have given a kind of a Stalinist judgement in the article. We condemn such malicious reporting by The Caravan.”

Ayadoure S. Stalin, a Ph.D. Candidate at SIS JNU who hails from Tamil Nadu, said: “The biased Caravan article is precariously written to support Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – M.K. Stalin. The writers did not even try to provide any proof or be seen accommodative by representing a balanced view. Though, the writers’ loose lipped narratives disproved M.K Stalin’s narrative that the portrait of E. V. Ramasamy Naiker was vandalized by ABVP students. But the badly written article tries to paint an illusionary picture to portray that ABVP JNU has no base in Tamil students, which is dubious. Tamil students stand strong with ABVP leadership. The whole JNU student community, belonging to the length and breadth of Bharat (including students hailing from Tamil Nadu, like myself), today supports ABVP to reconstruct JNU as a campus that stands for the unity, prosperity and integrity of Bharat.”