Resolution No : 2 Appreciation to the ‘Nation First’ idea of Mandate

The National Executive Council congratulates everyone for the victory of nationalist ideas in the recently held elections. We are grateful to the voters of nation to fulfil a distant dream that voters will vote over and obove the boundaries of caste, sect, language and narrow sectarian identity revolving around region. We also congratulate the Karyakartas of ABVP for successful campaign of “Nation First, Voting Must” and success in bringing the clarity that the vote must be casted for national policy and not mere cheap politics.We express happiness that in spite of anti-national and malicious propaganda, the NOTA as vote percentage has decreased and the overall increase in the voting percentage. We also appreciate the Election Commission of India to complete the election process error-free, successful and impartially. We express our gratitude to para-military forces, government machinery, and other system for their successs in highly-sensitive areas, terror-affected areas, and naturally adverse area.

The people have broken the narrow political bondage of negative social engineering continuing since 6 decades by priortizing national interest over everything. In this elections, the political paradigm of nation’s politics has taken a clear and tectonic shift. The voters have established that they want the direction of politics in positive direction. The Indian populace has established that the politics will now revolve around the aspiration, expectations, necessities, national identity, it’s soul. In light of these facts, the Nationa Executive Council of ABVP appeals to the opposition to play constructive role effectively and will raise the question of concerns of populace to assist in the development of India.

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As a result of effective implementation of its responsiblity from 2014-19, the acceptability and expectations from this government. The National Executive Council of ABVP expects that the new government has the opportuniy to respect the folksiest and contribute for national development with a qualitatively effective governance process focusing on welfare, national identity and strengthen in the image of India at global level.