ABVP releases helpline numbers during lockdown

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New Delhi :  ABVP has released multiple helpline numbers to assist numerous such students, who, during the nationwide #COVID19 pandemic induced lockdown, away from the safe confines of their homes, find themselves at sea. It is pertinent to mention that due to the sudden but imperative announcement of a 21-day nationwide lockdown to effectively contain the spread of the Coronavirus disease, many students find themselves stranded in hostels, paying guest facilities, and other similar rented accommodations, most of them being far away from their indigenous habitations. In addition to the helpline numbers, volunteers will also be enlisted and drafted to aid the efforts of local administrations for maintaining uniform supply of essential services across the nation.

There is palpable anxiety within the student as well as the larger academic community in respect of the prolonged closure of educational institutes, deferment of scheduled examinations, presumptive delays in several entrance tests, and declaration of results. The way around such problems would require imaginative solutions emerging from within the teaching fraternity itself. Any such suggestion should be communicated to ABVP online, by way of social media platforms and e-mail. ABVP will foreground select ideas during its wide-ranging consultations with the HRD Ministry, universities, and a bevy of other educational institutions.

To smoothen access to accurate and verified information germane to the availability, locus, and timing of essential services, as specified by local administrations, students, youth, and particularly ABVP activists are requested to extensively disseminate such data using their social media handles. This will go a long way in assuaging the concerns of our perturbed citizenry.

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Nidhi Tripathi, National General Secretary, ABVP, said, “We are soliciting innovative, out of the box solutions online to bear down on the complications growing out of the countrywide lockdown. We will accent such suggestions in our discussions with the government and other stakeholders. Also, in the spirit of national and public service, to unfailingly discharge our civic responsibilities in this hour of national crisis, registration of volunteers who desire to support the efforts of local administrations in facilitating door-to-door delivery of essential goods and services will also commence shortly. The volunteer catalogue will be shared with the respective local administrations, which can subsequently requisition their services.”