Mede Vision launches YVS VidMed Telemedicine App for free medical consultation

Virtually a hospital in your pockets, the App puts healthcare within an arm’s reach
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New Delhi।  Mede Vision, in collaboration with Yuva Vikas Society and Dhanush Healthcare, has launched the YVS VidMed Telemedicine App that provides free medical advice in 11 languages. The app helps those in need benefit with medical advice from some of the best professionals in the field via video conferencing. The unprecedented times that we  are faced with, with the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, have worked as a deterrent for those suffering with various other medical issues, forcing them to avoid any visits to hospitals and clinics. Under such circumstances the app provides any patient with free of cost medical consultation and assistance round the clock. While the app already has doctors who can converse in 11 Indian languages so far, plans for further expansion are being made to make it even more accessible.

Ashwini Kumar Chaubey,    Minister of State, Health and Family Welfare, who was the chief guest at the app launch, discussed the importance of Digital India lauding the app for making healthcare accessible through technology. He called it a boon for the poor and those residing in places away from cities. The app also provides Pathological services, with the availability of diagnosis facilities being the highlight, further enhancing it’s usefulness.

The National President of ABVP Dr. S Subbaih said that the app serves to make treatment accessible for the poor and the residents of the less developed regions, literally putting it in their pockets, thus making it possible for patients to stay at home by saving them the hospital visit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Virendra Singh Solanki, National Convener, Mede Vision, said, “While patients suffering from other diseases have been avoiding visits to hospitals because of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, there is another section of our society for whom healthcare is not very accessible. Under such conditions, the VidMed Telemedicine app is a significant step towards making medical consultation accessible. We are working towards reaching more people by expanding the number of languages the service is offered in.”

The app was launched live online by Mede Vision. Honourable Union Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Family Affairs  Ashwini Kumar Chaubey was present as the Chief Guest of the launch ceremony, Mr. S Subbaih, National President, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad and a renowned Onco surgeon was the Principal guest, Dr. Murthy N. Remilla  ( Secretary, Telemedicine Society of India) and Dr. manish Kumar  ( MD. & Chairman NSDC) was Guest of Honour. The online app launch also witnessed the presence of ABVP’s National Joint Organizing Secretary Shri Praffula Akant , and over 200 well known doctors from across the nation.