ABVP protest unlawful arrest of journalist of Arnab Goswami, MVA stands for ‘Maha – Vendetta Aghadi’ : ABVP

chhatrashakti desk

Mumbai : ABVP protested the unlawful arrest of Arnab Goswami, calling the state government’s blatant disregard of operation of law and their vindictive action despicable. The use of the state machinery to undermine and intermidiate press is a direct attack one democracy.

The editor-in-chief of the renowned news channel Republic was arrested at 6:30 am today for a case which was closed 2 years ago. Today’s arrest come will after police had already filed the the C report due to not finding any substance in the case. This arrest is there a direct attack on the freedom of press.

ABVP National secretary Aniket Ovhal said “Arrest of Arnav Swami is black blot on the democracy those in power playing the politics of revenge should stop Jeoparadise the democratic ethos.” ABVP Mumbai joint secretary Vitthal Parab quoted, “Police abusing journalist’s house and conducting and arrest without following up the necessary legal protocol is shameful act and the student will keep condemning such cowardly the attacks on our democratic values.”

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