Tamil Nadu government is playing vindictive : ABVP

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False cases, with intention of retaliation have been registered against 12 karyakartas of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad by the Tamil Nadu administration for giving wrong residential address under section 154 of Cr.P.C. A few days ago, students who were peacefully protesting in front of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin’s residence demanding justice for Lavanya, including ABVP’s National General Secretary Nidhi Tripathi were unconstitutionally arrested and imprisoned. ABVP is making every possible effort to get justice to lavanya, a girl who committed suicide because of conversion to particular sect in Sacred Heart School of Tanjavur District of Tamil Nadu.

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad would like to clarify that all these 12 students who have been accused of giving false information about their residence, they all come from far flung areas of Tamil Nadu and from humble backgrounds. In metropolitan cities like Chennai, Trichy, it is financially difficult for the students to stay and take education. Therefore, ABVP arranges accommodation, food for such students with the help of other support groups. All of them have given the address of such residence to the police as their residential information.

National Secretary of ABVP, Kum. Prerna Pawar said, “The vendetta with which the Tamil Nadu government is acting is destroying the dignity of democracy. Students’ right to education is also being suppressed by putting in such baseless cases. Acting in the spirit of taking vengeance on the students of one’s own state, puts a question mark on the intention of the government. The purpose of the government behind taking such action is to break the morale of the ABVP karyakartas and suppress the demand of justice for Lavanya in which they will never get success. Our every karyakarta is committed to fight until justice is served.”

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