The illegal detention of Dr. Subbiah Shanmugam is an act of vengeance of DMK Government : ABVP

Chhatrashakti Desk

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad strongly protests the vengeful illegal detention of Dr Subbiah Shanmugam, Former National President of ABVP, by Tamil Nadu police on an old complaint, of car parking issue in the housing society, which in itself was withdrawn by two parties with mutual consent.

A case was filed on Dr. Subbiah around 2 years back, but the complainant lady later on went for a compromise as there was a misconception due to which the case was filed. A chain of vindictive actions by Tamil Nadu government against Dr Subbiah Shanmugam have begun after he met ABVP National General Secretary Nidhi Tripathi and other members who were recently arrested for protesting peacefully at Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s residence demanding justice for Lavanya. The DMK government first removed Dr Subbiah from the position of Head of the Oncology department at Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai and now the government has retaliated with digging an old complaint wherein compromise is done.

Tamil Nadu government is taking vindictive steps against Dr Subbiah Shanmugam curbing his freedom of expression. ABVP strongly believes in the Constitution and law of the land and strongly condemns the act of the DMK government.

ABVP National General Secretary Nidhi Tripathi said “The DMK government has stooped to an all time low to weaken the fight of justice for Lavanya. First our 32 members were wrongly detained for 8 days and now they are trying to take vengeance from Dr Subbiah for meeting the students in jail. Such actions will not deter our commitment to fight for Lavanya and our fight against forceful conversions in educational institutions will continue with stronger spirit.”

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ABVP National Secretary Muthu Ramalingam said, “The vindictive draconian act of DMK government is utterly shameful. The government is using all its machinery to wrongfully strangle a common person. The matter was already compromised and no action whatsoever has been sought by the complainant or the court. This attitude of the DMK government is condemnable.”