DUSU officials interacted with the students under the ‘Dusu in Campus’ campaign

Chhatrashakti Desk

New Delhi : The Delhi University Students’ Union office-bearers visited the Dyal Singh Morning and Dyal Singh Evening College of Delhi University on Thursday under the ‘DUSU in Campus’ campaign. The DUSU had an interactive session with the students on topics like infrastructure, constructive campus, active participation of youth in society, role of Indian youth at global level and held discussion with the administration officials of the college to solve the problems faced by the students. Along with this, the DUSU officials also introduced the students about various other programs like DUSU’s initiative for women through, ‘She the Change’, ‘Ritumati’, ‘Mission Sahasi’, etc which are run by ABVP.

DUSU officials also interacted with the students on various topics like how to ensure their participation in the completion of hundred years of Delhi University, Internship Volunteering Opportunity for students, Post- Covid, Camps Activism etc.

Delhi University Students’ Union President , Akshit Dahiya, said, “We have started the DUSU In-Campus campaign, under which we would visit 50 institutions of Delhi University in the coming days to interact with the students. Today, we visited Dyal Singh Morning and Dyal Singh Evening College and interacted with students about internships, local issues, the role of youth in society, campus activism, and held discussion with college administration officials about the local difficulties that students face.”

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