Registration for the tree plantation campaign from ABVP begins on World Environment Day

ABVP and Students for Development will plant 1 crore saplings across the country
Edited By : Ajit Kumar Singh

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad has set a target of planting one crore saplings across the country in the recently concluded National Executive Council meeting. Taking a step in this direction, ABVP has started the campaign with its dimension Students For Development on the occasion of World Environment Day. Under the campaign, 1 crore saplings will be planted across the country for which the process of registration has been started today. Under the campaign, students who will register will be made ‘Vriksha Mitras’.

The campaign to plant 1 crore saplings will be run in several phases. Students who register under the campaign, will later plant saplings as ‘Vriksha Mitras’ and a plan for the protection of those plants under this campaign. This campaign will be an indispensable contribution towards increasing environmental awareness among the youth. Through registration, the student community has been called upon to join the campaign as volunteers.

Rahul Gaur, National Convener of SFD said that, “Along with development, conservation of environment should also be an important point in our priorities. Our karyakartas have pledged to plant 1 crore saplings. The increasing pollution and the spread of respiratory diseases due to it should be tackled. Keeping in centre the harm done to the human body due to our negligence, we all should do the necessary labor with a determination to deal with the problems.”

ABVP’s National General Secretary, Ms. Nidhi Tripathi said that, “Due to increasing industrialisation and other reasons, everyone is worried about the damage being done to the environment at present. There is awareness about this subject especially in the youth. Taking the lead, we are urging every section of the society to contribute towards the environment. This mega campaign of tree plantation will prove to be a successful initiative to solve the problem of declining trees and associated problems.”

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