UGC’s initiative to introduce an improved course related to environmental education at the graduate level is commendable: ABVP

Chhtrashakti Desk

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad heartily congratulates the initiative taken by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to release the draft of new and more effective curriculum framework for environmental education for undergraduate level. According to the National Education Policy-2020, this step is important.

Climate change and environmental degradation are pertinent issues that need to be brought to the younger generation’s attention. A more effective curriculum of environmental subjects at the graduation level would surely make the youth aware of the environmental situation and inculcate values to solve the crisis. Though, this UGC draft can be made more effective by discussion among students, teachers and other stakeholders.

It may be noted that through ABVP’s activity ‘Students For Development’ (SFD), students and youth are being made aware by participating in various programs related to environmental issues. ABVP strived for inculcating sensitivity towards environmental values through SFD’s ‘Narmada Study Tour’, ‘Vriksh Mitra Abhiyan’, environmental seminars, ‘Sea Cleanliness Campaign’, waste management, water conservation campaigns and other constructive programs in educational campuses across Bharat.  ABVP is continuously toiling to involve the youth in this battle to save Mother Earth from the wrath of climate change.

ABVP’s National General Secretary Yagyawalkya Shukla said, “UGC’s updated environmental course will enable the students at the graduation level to become aware of important issues and solutions related to the environmental problems.  Along with this, a large number of new jobs will also be created for the expert candidates of the environmental studies field. At present, courses on environmental subjects are being run at the Masters level in various universities, and environmental subjects are being taught as a compulsory subject along with other subjects at the graduate level. Updating the environment-related curriculum by including the latest trends and discussions will create a better understanding of the environmental issues among the youth.”

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