On the occasion of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada SHoDH JNU organized an engaging talk

Chhtrashakti Desk

On the occasion of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada or Bhartiya Navsamvatsar, JNU Unit of SHoDH organised an engaging talk titled, “Decolonising the Cocept of Time: Towards a Bharateeya Research Methodology”. The chief guest and main speaker was Prof. Rajnish Kumar Mishra, the chief proctor of JNU as well as Professor at School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies. Prof. Mishra is an ace expert on Indian Knowledge System. The talk was graced by the presence of National Convenor of SHoDH, Shashank Tiwari and Delhi State convenor, Prashant Shahi. Other than the talk, there was a poster exhibition organised  on the theme, “Unsung heroes of Freedom Struggle of India”. The audience after the talk went on to see the poster exhibition. The talk saw a rich participation from various disciplines of the university.

Prof. Mishra thursted for development of an Indic research methodology as the current framework of research methodology taught in different universities is unable to address and explain the realities of Indian thought and societies. He underlined this fact that the development of Indian research methodology will take rigorous study of the shastric texts and using those texts as the repository of concepts and methodological tools relevant for research in our generation. He also mentioned that tradition of Sanskrit scholarship is undoubtedly the most self critical tradition of scholarship in the world. Also, he congratulated SHoDH-JNU for taking up this very intriguing and intellectually demanding topic of the talk.

National Convener of SHoDH  Shashank Tiwari said, “Youth in India is serious about decolonisation. There is need to orient youth towards the methodological and axiological questions in research for accomplishing this task”.

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Talking about the event, Convenor of SHoDH JNU Prince Kumar said, “The classical literature will prove out the guiding light for current generation”.