ABVP welcomes the initiative of AICTE to prepare books on Pharmacy, Engineering, Management and Architecture in Indian Languages

Chhatrashakti Desk

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad welcomes the decision of the All India Council of Technical Education to prepare the textbooks of engineering, pharmacy, management and architecture courses in 22 Indian languages. Languages are not only medium for communication but are also carriers of the rich culture and values of any country . This decision of AICTE is going to give a huge boost to the students especially from the rural areas, It is expected that with the availability of books and new subjects from various fields in the Indian languages and the removal of linguistic barriers, the possibility of enrollment of students in these courses will increase especially from the rural and marginalised areas of the country.

In the national conference of ABVP held at Jaipur, after thorough discussion it was a clear opinion of ABVP that books of various subjects from various fields should be produced in Indian Languages so that the problems faced by students due to language barriers can be removed. The feeling of ‘Complete knowledge in one’own language ‘ will be encouraged by such steps. The youth of the country will get an opportunity to learn new modern courses easily in their own language along with preserving the Indian Tradition.

National General Secretary of ABVP Yagyavalkya Shukla said, “Our tradition and our knowledge is preserved in the Indian Languages. To preserve the rich culture and tradition of our motherland it is important to combine the modern values of our education system with the values enshrined in our Indian Tradition. The decision of AICTE to prepare textbooks of modern courses in Indian languages is wholeheartedly welcome. ABVP has a clear stand that the translation of the books should be readable and simple so that linguistic barriers do not hinder the attainment of knowledge’.

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