A tragic Wake-Up Call

Soumya Verma

The brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl has left us all shaken and questioning the state of our values and empathy. During night hours of 28th May 2023, in the public vicinity, a young girl was murdered in a heinous way which the public nearby haven’t shown any apathy to save the 16 year old girl from brutal onslaught by Sahil. Though Sahil has been caught by the Police somewhere in Uttar Pradesh, now an attempt propounds to reflect upon how our society evolving blind that is a typical justification that it is a Kali Yug where there is no values for apathy and altruism. By illustrating this deeply distressing 28th May 2023 incident, our netizens took to internet in support to #JusticeForSakshi but in reality no one turned to save the girl from onslaught which highlights the need for us to reflect on our collective ethical and moral responsibilities as members of society.

Details and Facts

The details surrounding this heinous crime are as horrifying as they are tragic. The young girl, who should have been protected and supported by society, was mercilessly taken from us by a species who couldn’t been even called an animal, infact should be called Monster as Sahil’s actions were driven by an apparent zero-regard for human life. Even more disconcerting is the fact that a number of individuals were present during the incident, yet chose to remain passive spectators rather than intervene to prevent this gruesome act from taking place. A question propounds were the spectators frightened by the onslaught by the jihadi Sahil? So, the spectators who have chosen not to intervene or take action upon learning about this tragic incident, as girl who shares apathy with that 16th year old girl, I feel compelled to express my deep disappointment and concern regarding the inaction of the public who were seen strolling just a meter proximity during that such heinous crime.

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Collective Responsibility to save Life, atleast:

The power of collective responsibility cannot be underestimated, and when we witness acts of violence or injustice, it becomes our duty as human beings to stand up and protect those in need. It is understandable that fear, shock, or uncertainty can immobilize us in critical situations. However, silence and passivity in the face of such atrocities can perpetuate a cycle of violence and embolden perpetrators to continue their actions unchecked. It is essential to recognize that our silence can inadvertently condone and enable such acts to persist. By remaining mute and choosing not to act, we contribute to a culture of indifference and apathy. Our failure to take a stand not only denies justice to the victims but also sends a message that such behavior is acceptable or inconsequential. Our silence becomes complicity, allowing evil to flourish in our midst.

At the end, humanity matters:

We must confront the discomfort and fear that may accompany intervention, and summon the courage to speak out against injustice. It is crucial to remember that collective action is a powerful force for change. Let us reflect on the moral and ethical values that define our humanity. It is our responsibility to protect the vulnerable, to stand up for what is right, and to ensure that our silence does not amplify the suffering of others. Together, we can break the chains of indifference and create a world where justice and compassion prevail.

(Author is the Joint Secretary of ABVP JNU and she is currently pursuing MA Philosophy at School of Social Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

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