Disrespecting the National Flag is Not Accidental but Political and Deliberate

Shravan B Raj

The recent incident of Tamil Nadu police snatching away national flag from the cricket stadium is not an isolated incident of its sort. It can be seen as a calculated move with a proper political intention to discourage the communitarian celebration of nationalism and its symbols. This idea arises from a strong political antagonism towards nationalism and is a symbol of ultra liberal anti-national political position of the current Tamil Nadu government. The previous incidence of anti-India remarks by the DMK office bearers and ministers clearly points towards their affiliation to radical separatism. This government is notoriously infamous for its anti-India and anti-Hindu policies, remarks, and attitudes. Also, the presence of such a government that disrespects our national flag is a disgrace to the entire political system of India. And, this incident depicts how deeply the fringe anti-national elements have penetrated to various constitutional positions of Indian polity.

The recent news click incident of foreign spies secretly infected in the public offices and decision making bodies of India show how enemy countries uses people inside the nation to weaken the nation. Defusing nationalism by infiltrating it was the infamous communist doctrine that is being used by these anti-national forces nowadays.

The antagonism of DMK leaders towards Indian national symbols is not only political but also religious. The sheepskin of atheism is cleverly hiding their canine teeth of religious fanaticism as well. They are using machinaries of government to propagate their separatism. This is nothing but power corruption and the breach of democratic oath that these criminals took while assuming power. A government which was supposed to be the guardian of constitution and nation, someone who has to be the protector of the national symbols, is using the same arms of Indian state to malign constitution and national symbols shows how these anti-national forces are acting as the enemies within the borders to destabilize Indian nation.

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These anti-national forces should be democratically countered, pointed out, and should be thrown out from all the public positions so that they will not misguide the population. So the tributaries of these organisations with visibly no ties but strong undercurrents are to be kicked out of campuses so that they will not use resources of the Indian state and the money from public treasuries to wage treacherous shadow wars against this nation. Disrespecting the national flag shows their deep-rooted hatred towards the people of India.

( Author is a PhD Scholar in University of Hyderabad and he holds the responsibility of CWC Member & National Co Convenor, Central University Works, ABVP.  Reach out him through email- shravanbaburaj@gmail.com)