DMK government must apologise for disrespecting the Tricolour: ABVP

Chhatrashakti Desk

ABVP strongly condemns the disrespectful act of throwing the Tricolour into a dustbin that occurred during the recent cricket match at Chepauk Cricket Stadium, Chennai. The fact that the National Flag of Bharat was snatched from spectators and discarded into a dustbin by the Tamil Nadu Police and TNCA, under the leadership of Ashok Sigamani, a known DMK affiliate, has raised serious concerns regarding the dignity of our Tricolour. DMK government must apologize for disrespecting the Tricolour and strictest actions must be taken against Tamil Nadu Police for disrespecting the Tricolour.

This incident today reminds us of the treatment meted out to our players in Pakistan in the past, and it is disheartening to witness similar actions on our land itself. The National Flag holds immense importance and represents the unity and integrity of our nation. Thus, any act of disrespect towards it is unacceptable and goes against our core values as a nation.

ABVP’s National General Secretary, Yagyvalkya Shukla, said, “This is not an issue to be taken lightly. It’s extremely embarrassing and shameful to witness such disrespect of our National Flag. ABVP stands firm in its commitment to upholding the sanctity of the Tricolour and ensuring that such incidents do not tarnish our nation’s honor. ABVP demands the strictest actions against the police officers responsible for this grave offense and calls on the DMK government to apologize to the people of Bharat. Thus, ABVP urges all concerned citizens to work together and join us in demanding justice and respect for our National Flag and protecting the dignity and unity of Bharat.”

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