#JNUSUElection : ABVP candidates roar in JNUSU panel debate

Chhatrashakti Desk

Elections in JNU are near. In such a situation Election activities have also intensified in the JNU campus. Election candidates are contacting the students of the university through mess campaign, wall painting, hostel campaign, Mashal Juloos etc. In this sequence, a central panel debate was organized in front of Jhelum hostel of JNU on Wednesday afternoon. In this Central Panel Debate, the candidates of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad loudly reiterated their resolve to oust the Left leadership from JNUSU.

Deepika Sharma, the vice president candidate from ABVP, said in her speech that the day ABVP wins the student union elections, it will first open the lock of Barak Hostel. When ABVP wins, 10 new schools and 6 new schools will be opened in this campus. It will work to lay the foundation of new hostels which have already been approved. Despite not being in the ABVP student union, he has worked for the interests of the students. We have stood for the interests of students earlier also and will continue to do so in future too. We had fought even when there were only 50 workers in the Vidyarthi Parishad, today when around 4000 students are with us in this campus, we are positive in this election and are moving towards a massive victory.

Arjun Anand, displaced from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir, is the candidate for the post of secretary on behalf of ABVP. In his address, he said that the Left led JNUSU has given nothing but sorrow to JNU and has betrayed JNU. Our fight is against the forces trying to disintegrate the country. They have the time to lose the elections in West Bengal and get their deposits confiscated, but they do not have the time to talk internally, they do not have the time to fight for the rights of the students. The agenda of ABVP is that the overall interests of JNU should be talked about in JNU. The irregularities happening in JNU, be it administrative or academic, should be resolved and Barak Hostel should be opened as soon as possible. ABVP demands that the funds of Rs 500 crore lying in JNUSU should be immediately used to construct Academy Block 2 for the students.

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During his speech, ABVP’s joint secretary candidate Govind Dangi attacked the leftists and said that whether it is JNU campus or the whole world is stained with the bloody history of these leftists. This leftist student union has corrupted everyone from the academics to the administration of JNU. This earth is not the land of Lenin and Mao, this is the land of Golwalkar and Savarkar. Who sacrificed everything for their soil. When the students were in need during the global Covid pandemic, the JNUSU officials were indulging in the lust for power and getting their deposits forfeited by contesting the elections in Bengal. At that time, Vidyarthi Parishad workers risked their careers to open the JNU campus. The Student Council had fought tirelessly for Barak Hostel. Our victory has been trumpeted in this election and we are winning on all four seats.