The rising India at global level has again become one such country towards which entire world is looking with aspiration. Healthy Democracy, Effective foreign policy and success achieved in Technological and Satellite field  proves the same. Successful test of Anti-Satellite Missile and launching of Cloud Proof Satellite RISE-2B has established India as a Global Super Power. India is moving towards becoming  World’s Fifth Largest Economic power. Central Government action terrorist and declaration of Masood Azhar as Global Terrorist represents India’s strong Foreign and Diplomatic power.

The whole world has appreciated the successful organisations of Kumbh Mela which has left prints of Sanatan Values at International level. India through Roadways, Railways, Airways along with Waterways is moving towards environment preservation using all resources.

ABVP congratulates the Indian Team for winning 17 Medals in recently concluded Asian Athletic Championship.

National Executive Council of ABVP commends  the Central Government decision of providing 10% reservation  for Economically  Backward General Community and introduction of ‘Kisan Samman Nidhi’ Scheme to empower farmers.

The people have participated highly in recently concluded general elections which reflects the citizens in democracy. Of all the VVPAT machines used in election the physical verification of 20625 machines had Zero Mismatch of votes casted which proves the authenticity of EVM. Some political Parties have raised questions on Neutrality and Independence of Election Commission, a Constitutional Body. Accusations of EVM Hack, Not allowing Hindus to Vote in WEST Bengal, Killing of Political opponents and derogatory comments made by few leaders is condemned by National Executive Council of ABVP.

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Today, The Citizens of India are placing National First motto in them  and are determined to fight Maoism Infiltrators and Terrorist while on other side the congress which claims to be the harbinger of Independence has stoop so low for political gains that it has started acting against National Interest which is reflected  in their Election Manifesto. The Declaration on Continuation of Art 370, Diluting Armed Force power to fight terrorism by removing AFSPA ( Armed Force special power) and Removing Sedition from penal code supports the  appeasing and divisive forces which is concerning and condemnable.

Strong Opposition is essential for Democracy but the divided opposition should think over its policies. In order to restore itself in power it has turned into Anti-India critic. The National Executive Council of ABVP expect Opposition to play positive role in the development of Nation by taking up issues which concern our country.

While moving constantly in the path of progress India also have some challenges and it is important to identify and resolve them. Therefore, it is the firm opinion of National Executive Council of ABVP that-

  1. Financially sick public and private sector industries should be aided and supported by the government concerning the employees in these industries and the country should move towards poverty eradication .
  2. Bomb Blast in Sri Lanka and the presence of radical elements, lint with attacks, in Kerala, Maoist in Dantewada and Gadchiroli and the killings of social and political leaders by terrorist in Kishtwar, Arunachal Pradesh is a matter of concern. Therefore, National Executive Council of ABVP demands that Central government shouls take all stringent action to eradicate of and eliminate terrorists and Maoists.
  3. Stringent action be taken against all those who commits act of sexual offences on Women and girls and involved in disturbing the social harmomy.
  4. Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) should be passed in parliament and should be implement in whole of India.
  5. National Executive Council of ABVP appreciates issuing of Early Warning of Cyclone Fani and preparedness of Government and local people to prevent destruction & loss of life and further urge the government to complete the relief work as soon as possible to normalise the life of normal people.
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6.  The National Executive Council of ABVP appeals countrymen, especially the youths to participate in the development of  Country by rising above the cast, religion and region and to strengthen the Democracy.