ABVP gives suggestions to the government on National Youth Policy

ABVP sends suggestions to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports on National Youth Policy.
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Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad on Thursday sent detailed suggestions on the National Youth Policy to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. ABVP has prepared suggestions on this youth policy after discussions with  youth of multiple educational campuses of the country.

On the draft of the National Youth Policy released by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, the main suggestions given by ABVP were to replace the phrase ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ with ‘Citizens of Today’, and to replace the ‘engagement of youth’ as written in the draft to ‘involvement of youth’. ABVP has also recommended a suggestion to include the motto of providing the youth with ‘happy and meaningful student life’ in the National Youth Policy.

It may be noted that a new draft of the National Youth Policy has been prepared by the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Government of India, which was made public and suggestions were invited from every field. The draft of National Youth Policy envisages a ten-year vision for development of youth in India which is aimed to be achieved by 2030. It is introduced aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and seeks to ‘unlock the potential of youth to take India forward’. The objectives of this National Youth Policy are in five prioritised areas – education, employment and entrepreneurship, youth leadership and development, health, fitness, sports and social justice and thus, comprehensive action must be taken for the development of youth in diverse fields.

ABVP’s National General Secretary  Nidhi Tripathi said, “We submitted the memorandum with our detailed suggestions to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports upon the invitation of suggestions on the National Youth Policy, in which we have included suggestions related to the interests of youth and students, so that this policy would be ‘sarva-sparshi’ and ‘sarva-vyapi’. We hope that our suggestions will be seriously considered and included in the final formation of the National Youth Policy.”

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