ABVP condemns attempts by Communist brigade to save serious sexual molester

Chhatrashakti Desk

It has come to light that some members of Communist Cabal brought goons from out of the campus to beat and thrash residents of Kaveri hostel.

Mr Farooq Alam an office bearer of Indian Youth Congress was being evicted from Kaveri hostel yesterday by the Proctor office. He was punished on grounds of sexual misconduct towards a female JNU student while he was part of NSUI (He left NSUI to contest elections from Jan Adhikar Party from Barari Constituency from Bihar).

The Proctors’ Office has been giving regular notices to him regarding evacuation of the hostel for more than two years on grounds of sexual harassment. He has been illegally occupying hostel seats at a time when freshers’ have been struggling to get proper accommodation and that too for more than two years. We want to state that ABVP wasn’t involved in any form, direct or indirect, in the incident and two of our members who stay in Kaveri were not even present around the hostel premises at that time.

The said incident happened around 12:00 PM and in the meanwhile NSUI goons gathered mobs in the hostel to prevent the evacuation process. The drama unfolded with outsiders like Lokendra Nath Mishra, Shudhanshu Shekhar, Nadeem Ahmed etc thrashing & threatening the residents of Kaveri hostel. The concerned residents of Kaveri have come out with a statement denouncing and condemning the regular attack on them by Communist goons. It has also been alleged that the whole ruckus was created to stall the eviction process. Furthermore, the communist are dragging the name of ABVP to hide their goondaism and to gain legiticmacy from media.

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ABVP JNU president Umesh Chandra Ajmeera said “ABVP condemns the attempt by Communist Cabal to save serious sexual molester Farooq Alam. Mr Alam was the mastermind behind anti Hindu Kaveri hostel violence during RamNavami in which leftist lumpens attacked Kaveri hostel. Our belief is that the University Campus must be a place where students learn and grow, having an optimal environment for learning how to live a meaningful life and contributing to national reconstruction.”

ABVP JNU secretary Vikash Patel said “ABVP stands against any kind of sexual harrasment, eve teasing, name calling and molestation. ABVP has neither locus nor focus nor interest in any such incident. We are busy assisting students in the admission process.”