Condemn the brutal attack on ABVP karyakarthas by SFI criminals on the occasion of Ram Navami at University of Hyderabad

Chhatrashakti Desk

On the eve of Ram Navami celebrations, members of ABVP Hyderabad Central University were subjected to a vicious and premeditated attack by SFI goons, showcasing blatant intolerance towards Hindu dharmic believers. These goons, driven by their aversion to opposing ideologies, targeted specific ABVP members who had been vocal critics of left ideology. This planned assault resulted in severe injuries inflicted upon our karyakartas, who were brutally attacked with sharp objects in Hostel-J.

In a courageous attempt to rescue our karyakartas, ABVP karyakarthas rushed to Hostel-J, only to be met with further aggression from the SFI cadre, demonstrating the calculated nature of the assault. Moreover, at the University Health Center, where our injured karyakartas sought medical assistance, SFI activists stooped to the abhorrent level of sexually assaulting female members of ABVP who had arrived to provide support.

This reprehensible behavior by the SFI cadre not only reflects their complete disregard for the sanctity of our educational institutions but also exposes their insidious agenda to disrupt the harmony of the campus. ABVP has always upheld the principles of decorum and peaceful coexistence within the university premises. However, the repeated provocations and violent actions orchestrated by SFI activists, frequently fueled by drug abuse, pose a grave threat to the safety and well-being of our members. We vehemently condemn this barbaric and heinous attack on our karyakartas, especially the despicable assault on our female members. ABVP stands firm in its commitment to justice and will pursue all necessary measures to ensure the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

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ABVP HCU Unit President Balakrishna said, ‘Under the influence of drugs, these goons have resorted violent attack on our Karyakarthas. Their intolerance against Lord Rama is aimed at instigating communal violence and causing bloodshed in campus. We demand for a proper enquiry on this matter’.

ABVP National Secretary Shravan B Raj said, ‘ ABVP will not tolerate any kind of violence in educational institutions. Our karyakarthas of HCU were brutally assaulted by the SFI criminals and are under medical observation. SFI- led student union is using its administrative power to unleash violence against ABVP. Whole country has witnessed how Siddharthan, a veterinary college student in Kerala was murdered. SFI is following the same pattern of violence in all the campuses across the nation. This is the time to stand against red terror and left hooliganism happening in our campuses. ABVP demands for a fair and transparent investigation on this issue against the SFI criminals.’