#DUSU Election 2023 : ABVP Launched a 21-point Manifesto along with “WoManifesto” at their Press Conference

Chhatrashakti Desk

Today, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) unveiled its visionary manifesto for the upcoming Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) Elections. This comprehensive 21-point manifesto, along with the aptly titled “WoManifesto”, especially for women, reflects ABVP’s commitment to addressing a wide array of issues that concern the student community.

Among the key highlights of the manifesto are:

1. One Course, One Fees: ABVP is dedicated to ensuring fairness in education costs by advocating for the ‘One Course, One Fees’ principle.

2. University Special Buses: ABVP will work towards the implementation of dedicated university special buses for the convenience of students.

3. Increment in SC/ST/OBC Scholarships:ABVP is committed to increasing scholarships for students from marginalized backgrounds.

4. Metro Concession Passes: ABVP aims to facilitate affordable metro travel for students through concession passes.

5. New Hostels and Girls’ Hostels: ABVP pledges to prioritize the construction of new hostels and girls’ hostels in every college.

6. Earn While Learn Policy: ABVP will introduce an ‘Earn While Learn’ policy to provide students with opportunities to earn while pursuing their education.

7. Special Scholarships for Transgender Students: ABVP recognizes the importance of inclusivity and will work on special scholarships for transgender students.

The press conference witnessed the presence of all four ABVP candidates for DUSU – Tushar Dedha, Sushant Dhankar, Aprajita, and Sachin Baisla, along with ABVP State Secretary, Harsh Attri, and ABVP National Media Convener, Ashutosh Singh.

Tushar Dedha, ABVP Presidential Candidate, affirmed, “Previous ABVP-led DUSUs have diligently addressed student concerns. We are committed to addressing issues like fee hikes, expanding hostel infrastructure, and prioritizing mental health.”

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Aprajita, ABVP Secretary Candidate, emphasized ABVP’s commitment to women’s empowerment, mentioning initiatives like ‘Mission Sahasi’ for self-defense training and ‘Ritumati Abhiyan’ for sanitary pad distribution. She added that ABVP aims to further these efforts through measures like restoring and renewing sanitary pad vending machines and incinerators in all colleges, full-time gynecologist and psychologists in the WUS health center in DU, pink booths near every hostel, installation of CCTV cameras inside and outside college campuses, gender sensitization camps, strengthening Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in colleges, hiring female trainers in sports and co-curricular activities, girls’ common room in every college, etc.

ABVP Delhi State Secretary, Harsh Attri, highlighted that ABVP’s manifesto is solution-oriented, emphasizing a three-fold approach for the DU curriculum: review, rational debate, and revise. Additionally, the manifesto includes demands for improved amenities such as water coolers at every 100 meters of Chhatra Marg, sanitation in every college, ‘Mindfulness’ Centers in DU, effective implementation of ‘Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat’ Program, special arrangements for the commute of Divyang students, and meaningful employment opportunities along with professional development training through an effective placement cell.

ABVP’s manifesto reflects its vision for a more inclusive, progressive, and student-centric Delhi University. The organization remains dedicated to advancing the interests of the student community and fostering positive change in higher education.