Shravan B Raj

History shows that Communism has caused more bloodshed than any other ideology, with the number of killings surpassing that of all other Fascist ideologies. Globally, communism is equated with violence, cruelty, and tyranny. The perennial hatemongers of the country, SFI, the acclaimed Student Fascists of India, have once again flashed their hatred by committing a heinous crime. In recent years, the last Left ruled state, Kerala is the stage for the Red Terror, an unholy alliance of state power and terror tactics of the SFI orchestrates violence unheard in the country. The last incident is the tragic death of J.S. Siddarthan, a second-year student of Pookode Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University on 18th February 2024, has sent shockwaves across the nation. Siddharthan’s untimely demise unfolded within the confines of his college hostel where he was found hanging after enduring severe mental torture and physical assault by members and leaders of Students Federation of India (SFI). A dance with a senior female friend, began with the savagery of Siddharthan’s classmates and seniors who were comrades, who tortured him to death. He attempted to meet his mother at home on February 15, but was compelled to return to campus in the midst of the journey. Siddharthan was brutally abused and tortured during the night of February 16 and was initially beaten on a hill near the men’s hostel by these SFI Criminals. He was escorted to room no 21 then to 36, of the men’s hostel where SFI leaders stayed, where at least 16 students beat and slapped him with belts and cable wires. He was humiliated when he was stripped naked and forced to walk naked in front of over 130 students, enduring physical attack. The criminals initially used two belts to attack him. When the belts broken, the perpetrator next used iron rods and wire. The autopsy report showed severe injuries, including damage to internal organs. The findings also indicates that Sidharthan’s stomach was empty due to starvation in his cruel confinement which denied food and water by the Criminals of SFI. University authorities and Kerala Police was bit hesitant to have a proper enquiry in this matter as the accused are SFI activists, the student wing of CPIM, which governs Kerala. The college authorities, particularly the Dean, who had close ties with SFI, were aware of the ongoing abuse in the college for several days but chose not to intervene due to concerns about repercussions from the left-wing government of Kerala and to demonstrate allegiance to the ideology of ‘Communism’. The Dean, who also acts as the Warden of the hostel and lives approximately 50 meters away, unexpectedly claims to be unaware of the incident. In all possible means Dean and the officials of the University was supporting the SFI criminals. Officials attempted to portray this murder as a suicide in order to quickly resolve the case.

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ABVP’s prompt involvement in the matter elevated Siddharth’s death to a national concern. ABVP was the very first student organization to disclose that Siddharth’s death was not a suicide. When ABVP initially raised the matter, mainstream medias hesitated in recognizing the organization’s stand on Siddharth’s death. Upon the release of the post-mortem report, it became evident to all news agencies that Siddharth’s death could not be solely attributed to suicide. Students of the college informed ABVP Karyakarthas about the helplessness of students in the college and deceitful ploy from the side of college management to portrait the murder as a suicide, the order from Dean and assistant warden to stay quiet about the horrifying murder. The very next day, ABVP blocked the dean on campus for failing to address those accountable for Siddharthan’s killing and also organized demonstrations at college campuses throughout Kerala. Justice being denied to Siddharthan, ABVP organizes a One-Day hunger strike outside the Pookode Veterinary University campus in Wayanad District, where he was found dead, and another One-Day Sit-In hunger strike outside the Kerala secretariat. The ABVP’s initial pressures and the further investigations uncovered evidence of severe beatings inflicted on Siddharthan by the Commie criminals, resulting in the arrest of 20 goons, including the Unit Secretary of SFI, President of SFI-Led Students Union, Students Union Member and other comrades. However, we believe that there are further comrades who were also involved in the crime. ABVP promised Siddharthan’s family that they will persist in fighting till justice has been served for him. The ABVP demanded a CBI investigation due to the clear involvement of the Kerala Government and CPIM in supporting the convicted members of its student wing, SFI. ABVP organized a 20 km foot march called ‘Chalo Secretariat’ from Siddharth’s home in Nedumangad to the Secretariat which began in the morning reached the Secretariat at night with thousands of students, parents, people’s representatives, and common people participating. Due to the proactive intervention and sustained fight for thirteen days by ABVP, finally forced the state government to hand over the case to the CBI.
The communist ideology is not only a threat to their citizens, but also a threat to humanistic ideals of democracy. It’s not the first time SFI attacks and destabilise the democratic order and rule of law in campuses. Communism advocated dictatorship, bloodshed and above all stripping citizens off their democratic rights. It is time to stop the violent political tactics of SFI and throw them from all democratic environments. May there be no more Siddharthan’s in our college campuses.